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Castlerea Delia

Castlerea Delia 'Delia'


Blue Bitch - June 1993

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Delia is a very special bitch, and always will be, not only for her success as a dam, but her history and how we got her. Delia was given to a friend of my dads who was a bookmaker, as a gambling debt, my dad then found a buyer for Delia and she was sold to a friend of his. Delia had a successful racing career winning over 4 6 and 8 bends in open class, and became a good marathon bitch winning a £3,000 competition at Walthamstow. Her owner decided to breed from her but after being mated twice to Slaneyside Hare and missing both times, the breeder who was looking after Delia suggested she was Put To Sleep. My dads friend informed him of the situation and my dad immedeatly suggested to give Delia another chance. My dad got in contact with Lionel Mannering (Rosegreen Kennels) and he agreed to take her in. Delia was then mated to Staplers Jo and produced a litter of 6 which all died within a few days, so the next time she broke down she was sent to Staplers Jo again and in December 1999 she gave birth to a beautiful litter of 9 and we have not looked back since. Delia has produced lots of top and open class offspring, her best litter being Spiral Nikita - October 2000 which includes Special Trick, Connoisseur, Special Event, Fast Prankster & Shaun Me Boy. Delias offspring have won in excess of 100 opens and we are hoping that her daughters breed on and continue this wonderful damline.