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About Us

Dogolphin Greyhounds is small family run greyhound owner-breeder syndication.

The name Dogolphin is simply a play on words, after the infamous ‘Godolphin’ Horse Syndicates who enjoy plenty of success. Nothing more – nothing less.

The Syndicate name was born after becoming disheartened at receiving one Owners pass at the late Walthamstow Stadium – despite having over a dozen dogs on the strength.

We discovered a loophole, Greyhounds in syndicate names would receive 4 passes – so the ‘Dogolphin Syndicate’ name was born, which the majority of our greyhounds run under.

Since the birth of Dogolphin we have enjoyed plenty of success, and the majority of this success is with very special thanks to The Mannering Family who cared for our foundation brood Castlerea Delia and also dealt with the rearing and schooling of 6 of her litters.

We have come a long way since December 1999 which was when the first batch of ‘Dogolphin’ owned greyhounds were born and still nearly a decade later, are enjoying it.