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Once your pup has been schooled and is ready to race you will need to decide on a trainer!
Trainers look after and train your dog at their own kennels and are responsible for your dogs general wellbeing and taking it to and fro the racetrack to contest its races.

If you would like to find out more about individual trainers and the facilities they offer then click the logo below to visit:
" the UK's only dedicated Greyhound Trainer website, promoting Greyhound Trainers throughout the United Kingdom. "


When deciding on a trainer for your greyhound, you may first want to decide which track you would like your greyhound to race at. There are about 30 NGRC race-tracks all around the country.

For an interactive map of all NGRC liscenced greyhound tracks in the UK - Click here!

Once you have decided on the track where you would like your greyhound to race, you will need to find out which trainers are attatched to (ie race at) that track. You could do this by visiting the 'NGRC Trainers Database (blue link below), select the track you are interested in and it will come up with a list of trainers from that track.

NGRC Trainers Database - Click here!

Alternatively you can visit which is a website where trainers choose to sign up and you can view mini- websites with lots of info about the trainer and their facilities.

Once you have the phone numbers of the trainers, you should give them a ring maybe even arrange to visit the kennels. Once you have decided on a trainer, you will need to speak to them to arrange if they will be able to take your greyhound in. If the trainer has space to take your greyhound, you will need to arrange a convinient week for the dog to arrive. Most trainers will probably get greyhounds from Ireland arriving at their kennels quite regualrly, so therefore its best to ask your trainer what Transporter they would recommend you use to bring your pup over (assuming your pup has been reared in Ireland).

You will then need to contact the transporter, informing them where your pup needs to be picked up from and where your pup needs to be delivered to. The transporter will tell you the next trip he/she is making, the date of pick up and the date of arrival. You will then need to inform the schooler/rearer of the date the pup will be picked up, and inform your trainer the exact date the pup is due to arrive.

Once your pup has arrived safely at your trainers kennels and settled in, the excitement begins!
Your pup can now begin his/her qualifying trials. The trial times are recorded, and once your pup has completed its qualifying trials(usually 3 mixed trials over the standard distance) and is within 'grading' time, it is ready to have its first race!
Good Luck!

For a excellent 'beginners guide' to greyhound racing and how it is structured, written by an ex 'beginner'- Click Here!

BUT REMEMBER ~ Once you purchase your pup, you are responsible to ensure it is well cared for for the rest of its life. If you are unable to take him/her home on retirement then there are a range of organisations that specialise in placing retired greyhounds in loving homes.

Please note - Everyone does things differently, This is a rough guide based on our experiences with a select band of trainers, to try to help people who are new to the sport get an idea of the steps they may have to take/things they may need to do/arrange.