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Win Carroteige

Win Carroteige 'Carrie'


White & Black Bitch - Nov 1996

Im His x Lisa My Girl



We purchased Carrie along with litter sisters Win Mayo and Win Cornboy, Carrie was the best of her litter, a fantastic early paced bitch who won opens at Rye House and was A1 grade at Walthamstow (trained by Jim Reynolds). A few Carries litter sisters have had litters and Win Erris has proved to be the best so far. Win Carroteige has not lived up to our expectations as a brood, and her first litter to Larkhill Jo were born in September 2001, the litter had a few problems early on, and only 2 made the track, the other 3 were ungenuine and non chasers. Paragon was the best of Carries first litter and has been showing good early pace,and has won his fair share at Belle Vue. Her second litter to Fat Boy Slim have graded at Stainforth and are going well. We decided to mate her with our own Special Trick as Carrie went in season while 'Trick' was racing in Ireland with Newpark Stud (where Spiral Nikita stands). The pups were born in May 2003 and are just finishing schooling, all have chased well and we look forward to them starting their official trials. Check www.specialtrick,tk for regular updates on their exploits at the track.